Meiody LED Displays Won The Energy Conservation Certification

Meiody full color led display was confirmed by the national authoritative China Quality Certification Center, won the "China Energy Conservation Certification". After rigorous, scientific and systematic certification standards and technical requirements, the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) inspects and appraises related products of Meiyad full color led screen in accordance with the national standard procedures, and inspects and appraises the production equipment, production process, and manufacturing process. High-standard acceptance was carried out during the process, and it was finally confirmed that Meiyad full color led display meet the energy-saving certification, and won the China Energy-saving Product Certification.


In the future, Meiody will always adhere to scientific research innovation and product innovation, and is committed to continuously creating value for customers with advanced LED products and overall solutions, and assisting the development of the LED industry.



2020 11 23