Meiody Hot Creative LED Displays in ISLE 2020

ISLE, as a professional exhibition for Eastern Hemisphere to TOP screen display/audio and video integration system/stage audio-visual/advertising signs/printing equipment, has opened in Shenzhen Baoan New International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a scale of over 160,000 square meters. Meiody brought many new technology and creative led screens to show in Hall 10-B05.

Meiyad Livetime in ISLE 202

Meiody displayed outdoor tree flexible led screen, lantern led screen, outdoor letter led screen, circular led display, indoor flexible led screen, front & rear dual maintenance led display and fine pitch led display, and provided customers with professional product introduction and technical support.


In ISLE 2020, the special-shaped creative led display screen of Meiyad, with its good display effect, is deeply loved by customers, and has attracted many onlookers and gained a high degree of attention.


Outdoor tree flexible led screen is a special-shaped display product developed by Meiody specially for outdoor creative display and urban landscape. It has the advantages of high brightness, high refresh, good protection performance, wide viewing angle and stable performance.


Lantern led screen is Meiody’s innovative application of led display in combination with Chinese culture. Lantern led screen has the high-quality performance of led display, such as long life, high refresh, high-definition display, etc.; in the application of festival decoration and environmental design, lantern led screen can set off the whole atmosphere more elegantly!

The outdoor letter led screen supports 26 English letters customization. It is suitable for corporate logos, store signs and other aspects. This product has been successfully used in Beijing Wangfujing RADO watch store.

The circular led display aims at the creative needs of stage bar applications. It has become a special fan-shaped flat led display product in the industry. It enjoys the title of "led donut", with its extremely innovative display form, for stage interpretation.


The indoor flexible led screen is available for customized design, such like rolling, bending and swing. Easy installation, strong magnet, available for front service. Suitable for irregular construction, such as the club, stage, studio, super market, shopping mall, stadium, concert, amusement park, sight seeing area, real estate, airport etc.


The dual maintenance led display can be used both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor dual maintenance has a dedicated independent waterproof module and a waterproof box with excellent sealing. 


The fine pitch led display, seamless connection, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate, 16 bit high grey level. Ergonomic design, aspect & resolution ratio 16:9. Full front access service and high refresh rate.


We are at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Hall), Hall 10-B05, waiting for you!



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