Meiody is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Meiyad Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Which is focused on LED display import and export. lighting, medical equipment, labor protection appliance. Nowadays, in response to the changes in the internal and external market environment of the company, Meiody adapts to the development of the new era, implements the development concept of "innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and sharing" put forward by the central government. Active innovation, rigorous and pragmatic, and constantly bringing new hopes for the health industry "is the core mission of Meiody creating a core vision of"  the patron saint of human health ", with" inheriting the red gene, adhering to the business duty, and demonstrating the dignity of the system, Adhere to the "honesty and trustworthiness" as the guiding principle, actively cooperate with the company to deliver the "new era health" strategic direction, and reassess the culture of Meiody. Based on extensively soliciting opinions from external professionals and employees, Definite a pragmatic cultural philosophy system of the new era of Meiody.
Cultural philosophy system of Meiody:Values, vision, mission.Showing the great blueprint of all Meiody people are fighting for.
Company Prospect: To be the patron saint of human health.Based on the health industry, adhere to excellent quality, continuously improve services, and be a brand that reassures customers.


Core value:Respect, Professionalism, Harmony, Enterprising.


Four Respect: Respect customers, Respect patients, Respect employees, Respect and support our families.


Four Professional: Professional technology, Professional products, Professional attitude, Professional service.


Four Harmonious relationship: Harmonious relationship with clients;Harmonious relationship between the colleagues; Harmonious between Superior subordinate ; Harmonious relationship with investor.